6 Tips to Estimate the Cost of Building a Duplex in Nigeria

Determine Your Floor Plans select a floor plan that has been completed by or adjusted by a local general contractor or architect. You can also search online or architectural books to find the plan of your dreams.

The floor plan will determine the size, style, quality and features you desire your new home and will be the baseline for your project from here on out.

Here are a few ideas for floor plans for home layout.

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Find the Right Builder

Next, you should find the right builder or contractor. They should be experienced in building the type of home you want to build. They should be one who routinely constructs new homes that are comparable in size, quality, and features to the one you’re hoping to build.Continue reading


Let’s use the attached simple gatehouse design with one 900mm x 2100mm door, a 1200mm x1200mm window and a 600mm x 600mm toilet window plus a 750mm x 2100mm toilet door. (I have done the elevation to ensure all possible elements are visible on the elevation).

OK – This is it.

Our 1st task would be to find the linear length of the entire building line i.e. how long is the block if we put them in a single line; we would achieve this easily by taking one grid-line after the other.

Grid 1 = The linear length of blocks on grid-1 is 4500mm (its that simple), now lets take for others.
Grid 2 = 4500mm also (now you’ll notice i omitted the windows and door opening on grid-2, we would come back to deduct those.
Grid A = 3000mm
Grid B = 3000mm
Grid C = 3000mm

Now, lets add to get the total linear length of building = (4500×2) + (3000×3) = 18,000mm [its important to group similar dimension especially when dealing with larger drawings to safe time].

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How to check C of O in lagos

It is quite easy to verify if the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy) of a land in Lagos state is genuine or not. You can do this by taking a copy of the C of O or only the C of O number to the land registry at Alausa.

There are 3 categories of verification

1 You can verify if the C of O is in their database. They will search their database with the C of O number you present and if it’s there, you will see it on the system. The process takes only a few minutes. This service costs N3750 (Three thousand seven hundred and fifty Naira).

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